Fairness of outcome and fairness of process... The Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO) is the trusted independent dispute-resolution service for unresolved complaints involving financial services provided in or from the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.

Principal Ombudsman & Staff

CIFO’s staff includes a principal ombudsman and chief executive, a manager of administration and stakeholder relations, a financial accountant, an information officer, an administration officer, and one or more case handlers, case file administrators and legal assistants depending on complaint volumes.

The board appointed Douglas Melville as the principal ombudsman and chief executive. He took up the post on 1 June 2015. The principal ombudsman and chief executive is responsible for the dual role of ombudsman as decision-maker with respect to complaints as well as directing the day-to-day operation of the office. The appointment of the principal ombudsman is made on a renewable term of five years.

Douglas Melville is the past-chairman of the worldwide International Network of Financial Services Ombudsman Schemes (INFO Network), and has advised internationally on financial consumer protection for the World Bank and others. Until May 2015 he was the ombudsman and chief executive of the Canadian Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments. A professional mediator (CMC) and arbitrator (CIArb), he qualified as a barrister and solicitor in Canada and became an ombudsman in 2006. Before that, he held senior roles in the banking, investment and insurance industries. He has also served as a board member of various not-for-profit organisations covering healthcare, the environment, anti-poverty policy, financial literacy, international development and the performing arts. He currently serves as vice-chair and commissioner of Jersey Overseas Aid, appointed by the States of Jersey, and is a director of the Ombudsman Association (formerly the British and Irish Ombudsman Association).